Ann Andrews

author • futurist • influencer • speaker

Ann spent four years working with the Royal Marines in the UK and then trained as a work study engineer. She subsequently spent over 30 years working with high performing teams showing managers how to motivate their poor performers and encouraging employees to learn, unlearn and relearn. She is an international speaker; author of 5 books and contributor to numerous others. She is passionate about good leadership because no team, business or country flourishes under a poor leader.
As a follow up to 'Lessons in Leadership' Ann continues to reveal what professionals can learn from the good and bad behaviour of world leaders, be they politicians like Trump or corporate figureheads like Zuckerberg.


Why leaders fear making mistakes

Tough Leadership or Bullying?

How culture is created in the workplace

The ‘enablers’ of poor behaviour

Dirty tactics, alternative facts and fake news

Followers: Do we get the leaders we deserve?

Leaders behaving consciously

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Leaders Behaving Badly

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Each fortnight Ann will send you a new Chapter of this her follow-up book, Leaders Behaving Badly as she highlights how getting it wrong, can impact not only on reputations but on the business as a whole.