What to do when lunch-rooms become hotbeds of fear, gossip and resentment

As we all return to work and our new normal begins, be aware that our employees and co-workers have been through massive trauma and will take time to adjust. Covid 19 hit the world real fast and real hard. There was very little time to prepare for the biggest shock most of us have experienced in our lifetimes and which … Read More

We don’t have much money so we’re going to have to think

These famous words from Sir Ernest Rutherford have never been more relevant than they are right now as we all deal with Covid 19. We do what we do the way we’ve always done it for a reason. It works. Until the day it doesn’t or can’t. Right now mostly whatever it is any of us do, doesn’t work and/or … Read More

Are we nearly there yet?

Every parent will be familiar with those words. They are usually yelled plaintively from the back seat  15 minutes into our journey. As we move from level 4 to level 3 of dealing with Covid-19, some will be rushing out the door wanting to restart their lives and their businesses, desperate to get back to ‘normal’. And that’s understandable. Others … Read More

What’s it all about Alfie?

We’re already seeing how the Coronavirus is bringing out the best in some people and the worst in others. That’s normal. When people react negatively to any massive change it’s usually based on their fears; the what if’s; the why me’s and feelings of being out of ‘control’. In previous articles I’ve talked about the 4 stages of grief – … Read More

The best of times and the most terrifying of times.

All our grandparents fought in wars; coronavirus is OUR war. We will survive and we will come out the other side. In the interim, and because it is going to be tough I thought I would share some tips for making the best of the situation we all find ourselves in. Make your business as secure as you can for … Read More

The 2020 KICK BUTT Check list

Happy New Year everyone. Don’t know about you but it already feels like half the year has gone already. Every year we all set off thinking ‘This year I’ll make some changes’ and then we get busy and by March/April we are back to doing what we’ve always done. AGAIN. Except that doing what we’ve always done is a recipe … Read More

Can you learn, unlearn and re-learn?

Although my calls for ‘help’ appear to be different on the surface, underneath they follow a similar pattern. Managers ask for help with wayward employees; employees ask for help with stagnant careers; owners ask for help with stalled business results and franchisors ask for help with franchisees who think they’ve bought a job (I’m an ex franchisor). So I thought … Read More

Making ‘FREE’ part of improving your bottom line

Making ‘FREE’ part of improving your bottom line That sounds bonkers I know but bear with me. I learned many years ago that no matter the business I thought I was in (HR Consulting) my actual business was a database. Yes I would bid for and win in-house work with a variety of businesses, but once the contract was over, … Read More

How to Turn sad and grumpy groups into high energy teams

I’m having a clear out of my old books and updating the ones I believe are still relevant. When I set off on my ‘team building’ journey; and in particular when I talked about ‘self-managing’ teams, the resistance was immense at all levels of an organisation (hence my first book, ‘Shift Your But’). Once the concept caught on I found … Read More

VALUES: Profits versus Planet

This is an extract from my latest book ‘Leaders Behaving Badly’: What happens when ordinary people show up, stand up and speak up. In this segment I will cover: Short term gratification versus long term regret The urgent need for leaders to become futurists The costs of ignoring early warning signs Factoring in costs versus benefits Short-term gratification versus long-term … Read More