I did it, I got to number one on Amazon (briefly)

My latest book on Leadership actually hit number one yesterday. And yes, I know it will be a very brief moment in time before it is no longer number one, but it sure felt good for that brief, brief moment. I’m passionate about leadership, and it breaks my heart when I see terrible leaders doing everything they can to trash … Read More

Understanding The 4 Levels Of ‘Shift’…

It feels as though I’ve spent my entire life wondering ‘why’. Why do people do the things they do? Why do people think the way they do? Why do they act the way they do even knowing that what they are doing isn’t working for them or is harmful in some way? Why don’t leaders show the courage we need … Read More

When The Worst Thing That Happened…

When the worst thing that happened to you turns out to be the best opportunity you’ve ever had!Life whacks all of us at some stage. I’m working with someone who is having to close down a business she had poured your heart and soul into. I’ve worked with people who were hit with redundancy; possible bankruptcy and many, many people … Read More

How To Make The Most Of Investing In A Trade Stand

If you’ve ever attended a Trade Show you will have seen exhibition stands from the most amazing, to the very drab and ordinary. If you are about to invest in a stand, you will want to be memorable and if you don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget (and who does?) there are some ways you can maximise even … Read More

Do not come into my space; do not get in my face and absolutely DO NOT TOUCH ME!!!

I wanted to share this real life and very funny exercise in teaching your people about personal space. Funny but very relevant in today’s #metoo world! As I’ve watched Joe Biden struggle with the complaints against him for being over ‘touchy’, it reminded me of an experience I had many years ago when I was Personnel Manager in a food company. For … Read More

Why people lie

Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, I’ve been stunned and amazed at the sheer number of lies he tells on a daily, even hourly, basis. He tells lies which can easily be shown to be lies; like his absolute conviction that millions of people voted illegally even though it has been proven that this is not the … Read More


As a boss, manager, owner, yes, it probably is quicker to do it yourself. Sadly, the challenge is that as long as you think that way, you’ll always have to do it yourself! If you want to have a successful team/department/business (and a life), then doing everything yourself will have some predictable outcomes: * In the long term, it will … Read More

Until someone calls out bad behaviours, they will continue.

If you are a parent, you will be familiar with your children using the phrase ‘I’m allowed’. In the workplace, ‘I’m allowed’ can translate into employees rationalising arriving late and leaving early or helping themselves to stationery or any other thing that isn’t tied down and that they feel is a ‘right’ to help themselves to. At senior levels of … Read More

How to deal with poor employee performance

When should you take action?  There are some simple rules of thumb….  1. When it directly affects the person’s productivity 2. When it affects the productivity of other people in the team/department 3. When, no matter how many times you have set up additional training, or peer mentoring, or even counselling (for home problems) performance simply hasn’t improved 4.  When … Read More