The 20 most environmentally courageous countries

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my latest book ‘Leaders Behaving Badly: What happens when ordinary people show up; stand up and speak up’ and given that we’ve just had pretty much a final warning from the UN with regard to climate change; thought I’d share a short extract from the book with regard to countries that are taking … Read More

12 tips to remain stress-free during your joyous family Christmas

I love Christmas – the whole family getting together to share good food, nice wine and presents. What could possibly go wrong? So before we all head off to celebrate – I thought a few of these hilarious family gathering tips might be relevant. For the people doing all the shopping and preparing the food: Henry Kissinger famously said ‘There … Read More

Every leader has a ‘weird’ gene

‘Weird’ leaders see things differently. When working with my teams I created a game called ‘The Motley Crew’. The aim of the game was for participants to select 8 people from a list of weird; strange and crazy people to re-start the human race on another planet. They also had to choose the leader. The 5 characters which caused the … Read More

Difficult Manager, Co-worker or Bully – How Do You Tell?

This was a pre course survey run in readiness for a “bullying” workshop a small group of us planned to run. We wanted to know if all the bullying we were reading about in schools and the workplace were for real or just media hype. Question  Yes  No Does your organisation have a dedicated HR department?  52..45%  47..6% Have you … Read More

What I want is bigger than any fear that I have…

I’ve often wondered if we humans live our lives with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake? Typically we make our New Year resolutions and/or decide on some new and and exciting business goal and we set off with a rip and a roar – till about March. Then time, life, tiredness and excuses take over. … Read More

Understanding The Real Cost Of Losing A Key Staff Member

When someone hands in their notice, although it may be sad and you know you’ll miss them, mostly we think ‘I’ll just advertise the job or hand it over to our usual recruitment agent and we’ll find a replacement.’ This is what most people think is the ‘cost’ of losing a staff member, i.e. the cost of placing ads and/or … Read More

Motivating your Mind, Inspiring your Spirit

2019 e-book Wishing you an inspiring 2019 from Ann Andrews This e-book has been created from the generosity of 90 Australian, New Zealand, German, Irish, Canadian, American, Asian, South African and United Arab Emirates based authors and industry experts we have known in the MICE* industry starting in the 1980s. Our 2019 e-book writers have over 2,600 years of business … Read More

Icebreakers At Work

How to liven up your meetings, networking events and off-site sessions If you ask anyone about their team meetings they will usually give you that ‘oh no’ expression – as in ‘oh-no-our-meetings-bore-us-to-tears.’ Which is such a shame. Look at the brain power that is sitting around a room during a meeting. Look at the hourly rates of those people and their time sitting … Read More

15 weird, hilarious, inappropriate jobs bosses asked their staff to do…

In my last post I talked about the 20 Most Creative Excuses Employees Give for Not Coming to Work. Because I’ve been on both sides of the encounter, felt the need to balance things with these weird; hilarious; inappropriate and in some cases even illegal things bosses have asked people to do. In my own case, I’d been promoted to … Read More