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During lock-down and after I’d written my first book for women, I received SO many calls and e.mails from women who needed help with toxic family situations, toxic relationships and even toxic work environments. I can’t promise to fix these problems in a half day workshop, but I CAN promise to give attendees some really simple tools and strategies for NOT getting sucked into debilitating situations.

Pre lock-down I actually trialled several workshops to get clear on what women were specifically struggling with, rather than just assuming I knew what they wanted. These 5 surprising topics emerged:

  • Be yourself, everyone else is taken
    Dealing with loss of self-worth and self-esteem rapidly leads to a downward spiral. We set lower expectations; take on jobs that are beneath our skill-set even to the degree of dumbing down our CV’s. I’ve always believed that when one door closes, another invariably opens.
  • Where would you aim if you knew you couldn’t fail?
    The past 20 years encouraged us to set goals, to aim for the top, to never let anything get in our way, yet when Covid hit and women became the most affected, goal setting seemed to be a joke. Just getting a job became the goal yet when conducting research for the book, I found thousands of women who were setting goals in a whole different way. A WOMAN’S WAY.
  • You’re never too old and it’s never too late
    We’re all living longer, yet our workplaces seem to decide that anyone over the age of 45 (male or female) is past their use-by-date. What a waste. Humans are designed to live for at least 100 years. With better diet and exercise we are all living longer so 45 isn’t even half-way through our life expectancy. Are we supposed to vegetate for the next 40+ years? I don’t think so.
  • Bravely saying NO: Courageously saying YES
    Which brings me to the most important thing every woman on my workshops wanted to know how to do. They wanted to know how to say NO without offending; without upsetting people; without coming across as a shrew. And having learned how to say NO they wanted to be able to say YES to different opportunities; different experiences; different possibilities.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
    And so the ultimate aim of the workshops, is to help women look at their future in a different way. Not to worry about job loss, rather to focus on the opportunities any life trauma can offer. Opportunities are limited only by our level of thinking and our belief structure. Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are absolutely right.

WHEN:  17th April 1p.m. – 4.30.
WHERE:  Energise Offices, 1/69 St George’s Bay Road, Parnell

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‘She believed she could, so she did.’
R.S. Gray

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17th April Parnell, Auckland